1. The Bridge Securities Limited’s offices are open for business between the hours of
    8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on each day that is designated a Business Day in Nigeria (“Business Day”).
  2. Client advices and mandates should be sent via e-mail. The dedicated e – mail address for
    mandates is
  3. Stock mandates can also be given through your secure on-line stockbroking account
    which can be accessed via .
  4. The daily transaction deadline for the receipt of stock mandates and / or amendments
    from clients is 6 p.m. (Nigerian Time) of the Business Day preceding the date on which
    such Mandate is to be executed.
  5. Mandates / amendments received after the deadline specified in (4) above on any
    Business Day will be executed on the second business day after such receipt.
  6. Mandates / amendments received on a day that is not a Business Day will be deemed to
    have been received on the Business Day immediately following the day of actual receipt.
  7. Where a Mandate consists of a Purchase instruction, it can only be processed if sufficient
    cleared funds are available to execute such an instruction.
  8. Where a purchase mandate is dependent on the sales proceeds of stocks, the purchase
    mandate will not be executed until the sales transaction has been executed. The sale
    mandate will also be executed even if the stocks to purchase are not available.
  9. The Bridge Securities Limited is acting as execution-only stockbrokers and not
    financial advisors. Consequently, we will only execute your BUY and SELL mandates on
    the floor of The Nigerian Stock Exchange.
  10. The Bridge Securities Limited executes transactions based on the ruling market
    prices of stocks on The Nigerian Stock Exchange only.
  11. The Bridge Securities Limited executes mandates on a best efforts basis only. It is
    therefore unable to guarantee that a mandate will be executed on a particular day even
    where such mandate indicates that the relevant transaction is to be effected at “market
  12. Mandates will only be accepted where presented in the standard format provided by
    The Bridge Securities Limited which can be downloaded from our website or
    forwarded to you by e-mail.
  13. Buy and sell mandates can only indicate one price not a range.
  14. By the close of business on the next working day after you submit a mandate you will be
    advised of the outcome by e-mail.